Are you looking for an opportunity to present your enterprise and products to the twitch universe? We are the right partner for you!

Use our network of influencers to spread your message to a strong community. That gives your advertisement a face and personality.

The StreamAd Business Model

Together with you, we design tailored and innovative advertising campaigns on social video platforms and support you throughout the campaign duration and beyond. Save your time and leave the acquisition, communication, supervision and payment of the influencer network to us. We are the only interface you need to access and engage a large network of influencers. With our key indicator system you are always up to date about the progress and success of your advertising campaign. The personal relationship between our streamers and their community leads combined with the long perception of your advertising message to an advertising success above average in online marketing.


Our Services For Advertising Customers

Our advertising


  • Advertising banner in the livestream
  • Advertising message in the userchat
  • Advertising banner in the channel description
  • Product placement
  • Giveaways

Your advantages

Long perception of your advertising message

Advertisement in print, online videos and tv has a perception time of mostly a few seconds. Not at StreamAd. Your advertising banners are always visible in the livestream of our influencers with an average duration between 3 to 6 hours. Your target group views the broadcast of the influencer for several hours and therefore receives your advertising message permanently.


Streamers as the leaders of your taget group

Streamers as opinion leaders have a key role and a strong impact on a community. It is a strong signal and a direct recommendation of your products to his viewership if a streamer decides to advertise for your company. Take advantage of our digital natives and influence the buying decision of your target group.

Streamers as testimonials and brand ambassadors

Use our streamers as testimonials and brand ambassadors. They will connect their viewership with your enterprise. That raises your brand sympathy, awareness and generates in the end a desire to buy.



Long perception of your advertising message

With our product you do not only buy simple impressions of advertising banners. You get a lasting placement of your brand. Many of our streamers are producing videos out of the live material and publish them on other social video platforms. Therefore your advertisement is part of video on demands and is published over several channels. You profit from a high advertising range while paying only for the first publishing of the livestream.

We will be happy to send you further informations and are looking forward to advice you about the designing of advertisement campaigns on social video platforms. We invite your inquiries.