Dear Streamer,

welcome to StreamAd. We offer you an opportunity to earn money with your Twitch stream. We are providing you advertising banners which you can display during your Twitch stream for real money. Thus you generate advertising revenues, based on your audience and airtime.

What are your advantages by using our services?

Earn real money with banner advertisement

StreamAd offers you a predictable and secure income, based on your audience and airtime. We offer you several advertising campaigns where you can participate. You earn money as soon as you go on air with your stream and displaying an advertising banner through the Browsersource-Plugin. We receive your airtimes and your current audience through the connection of your Twitch account with StreamAd. Based on these key figures, we calculate your advertisment revenue and credit it directly to your StreamAd account. You receive your earnings every month via PayPal. So you don't need to worry and are able to focus on your game, stream and viewers.



Select one of our advertising partners, that fits best to you, your stream and your audience!

You are free to decide which enterprises and products you are going to promote. In the campaign selection we present you all advertising campaigns and advertising banners which you can promote. By selecting or deselecting single campaigns you can ensure, that only these advertising banners are displayed, with which you can identify yourself and your viewers.

Realtime tracking of your advertising revenues

In your personalized StreamAd-Dashboard you can see, how your account balance is rising with your audience and airtime. We provide you graphs, which are representing your advertising revenues. Furthermore you get an overview about all of your streaming sessions and your earned money in the session overview. This helps you to keep track of your advertising revenues.



No obligations

There are no obligations when using StreamAd and our service is free. You decide what game you want to play, if you want to advertise or not, how long you want to advertise and for which enterprise or product you want to advertise. You can try out StreamAd one-time, you can use StreamAd sporadic or integrate StreamAd in your daily business as a streamer. It is up to you, how you want to use our service.

Easy registration and easy to use

To takeoff with StreamAd, you just have to connect your Twitch account with StreamAd and apply for a partnership by filling out the application form. Just click on the button "Connect with Twitch" in the upper right corner.

Once you are a StreamAd-Partner, you are able to configure your streaming software to use StreamAd. This takes only a few steps until you are ready to go. We have made a short video tutorial [YOUTUBELINK], to support you with the configuration of your streaming software. Furthermore, we are looking forward to support you via Teamspeak. Afterwards you will earn money as soon as you go on air with your Twitch stream. You don't need to worry, because you can't do anything wrong.


Do you have any further questions?

You find much more usefull informations in the faq and please feel free to contact us directly by email anytime.