Our partner program is currently open for registration. If you want to become a StreamAd partner, please connect your Twitch account with StreamAd and fill out the application form. We will send you more details by mail, after your application has been verified and when we are able to offer you an appropriate campaign.

What are you benefits as a StreamAd partner?

1. StreamAd partners have the chance to use our service. Therefore you can earn money with your Twitch stream through banner advertisment.

2. StreamAd partners have no obligations and we have no adhesion contracts. You can decide wether you participate at a campaign or not. You can decide when you want to participate at a campaign and you can decide when you want to stop participating. You can promote an advertising banner today and stop doing it tomorrow, whichever suits you better.

3. StreamAd partners have the chance to influence our features. You tell us which features you don't like and which features you would like and we are going to realize your needs.

There is nothing to loose!

Connect your Twitch account and become a StreamAd partner!